Spot the difference

Instro Precision has been rubbing out its website. It’s also been informing the local member of parliament, Craig Mackinlay, that what it said 2 months ago is not in fact the case.

So either it was lying then, or it is lying now. Craig Mackinlay doesn’t care either way. … More Spot the difference

Why we’re biking against the bombs

We’re riding across the county of Kent because the Middle East is burning, and local companies are adding fuel to the fire. We have 5 big arms companies in the county – and quite a few small ones as well. Nearly all send weapons to Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest weapons’ importer, currently waging a brutal and illegal war in Yemen. Most send weapons to Israel, illegally occupying and besieging Palestine; and most send them to Turkey – busy repressing the Kurds while the world turns a blind eye. … More Why we’re biking against the bombs