Keep weapons out of Sandwich!

pc-9Instro Precision is a subsidiary of Elbit Systems – one of the world’s biggest arms companies and a leading manufacturer of military drones. Instro itself supplies targeting and surveillance systems to some of the worst military regimes around the world.

Instro is hoping to move to Discovery Park in Sandwich, Kent, in order to expand its operations. We are calling on the CEO of Discovery Park to refuse the expansion and deny Instro a new home.

We think it’s doing enough harm already:

  • Instro’s parent company, Elbit Systems, supplies 85% of the drones used by the Israeli army. In 2014, while Gaza was being bombed, the Israeli army’s chief artillery officer said that drones produced by Elbit had been a “real asset”.
  • Instro-Elbit exports weapons components to Saudi Arabia and Turkey, both suffering international condemnation for on-going war crimes and human rights abuses.  Saudi Arabia is currently waging a brutal and almost certainly illegal war in Yemen – with numerousdocumented human rights abuses. Turkey is carrying out the worst massacres and displacement of its Kurdish population since the 1990s.
  • Instro-Elbit also sells equipment to both sides of the India-Pakistan conflict, as well as to the repressive regimes of Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Egypt and UAE – among many others.

We want no ‘expansion’ of arms companies in Kent.

Please sign our petition and call on Chris Musgrave not to give Instro-Elbit a new home.


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