Babcock International

babcock Babcock is the world’s 26th largest arms-producing/military services company

  • Babcock International Group is the largest supplier of services to the Ministry of Defence and is involved in the construction of both the Astute and Vanguard nuclear submarines. Each Vanguard has the capacity to carry 16 Trident missiles, manufactured by American arms giant Lockheed Martin, containing up to 192 nuclear warheads (currently 48 warheads)
  • Babcock maintains the UK’s current nuclear-armed submarines and is supporting “the design phase of the Successor future deterrent submarine programme”. Babcock is also “actively involved in the long-term technical engineering support as well as providing the key tactical weapons launch system for the programme.”
  • Babcock applied for arms export licences to Israel in 2010 and 2012 and has relationships with Israeli arms companies, including Elbit Systems.
  • Babcock has a c £6 million contract to deliver UK based mechanical, electrical and electronics training for 24 BAE Systems Saudi national technicians