Ride Against Kent’s Arms Dealers

BATB poster jpgWe want no more weapons made in Kent, sold for profit, and exported round the world. So we’re getting on our bikes to pay our local weapons dealers a visit. Please join us for part or all of the ride, or meet us at one of the companies. See below for more details, check our Facebook page, or email us at eastkentcaat [at] riseup.net if you want to know more.

Dates and Itinerary

The ride is designed to coincide with The Big Ride, and will take place at the same time: 6 – 8th August. The Big Riders are converging at Elbit Systems’ factory in Shenstone on the 8th August. We’re planning to end up on the same day at Instro Precision, Elbit’s factory in Broadstairs, Kent.

See this page for a detailed itinerary and timings

Saturday 6th August: Chatham – Rochester – Ashford

We’ll start off at Babcock International‘s factory in Chatham, nip next door to BAE Systems in Rochester, and then head for Ashford, where Meggitt has its headquarters. At each location we’ll hold a demonstration outside the company and do some leafletting in town.

Sunday 7th August: Ashford – Canterbury – Whitstable

We’ll ride from Ashford to Canterbury, and then on to Whitstable where Amphenol is based.

Monday 8th August: Whitstable – Sandwich – Broadstairs

From Whitstable, we’ll ride first to Sandwich, where  Instro is hoping to move (and expand its operations). We’ll leaflet the locals, to let them know about their new and nasty neighbour. Then we’ll head on to Broadstairs, where Instro is currently operating.

Kent companies-2Timings

If you can’t ride with us, but want to meet for leafletting and demonstrating at one of the companies, we’ll clarify timings shortly.

Kent’s Dirty Dealers

We’re doing this ride because the Middle East is burning, and Kent is adding fuel to the fire. We have 5 big arms companies in the county – and quite a few small ones as well. Nearly all these companies send weapons to Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest weapons’ importer, currently waging a brutal and illegal war in Yemen. Most send weapons to Israel, illegally occupying and besieging Palestine; and most send them to Turkey – busy repressing the Kurds while the world turns a blind eye. Weapons also leave Kent for Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, UAE, Indonesia, Colombia and many other countries where conflicts are raging.


Please join us!

We want a good turnout at the arms factories, and we’d love to have locals to greet us, oil our bikes, hold banners and shout at the weapons dealers. Please share our flyer, tell your networks, and get in touch with us if you can help with getting people together. We particularly want to hear from people in Ashford and Chatham / Rochester.




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