Let Thanet Council know what you think about Instro

building 2Instro Precision, one of Elbit System’s UK subsidiaries, is planning to expand. They’re big and bad enough already: we need to stop them. Please email Thanet Councillors to register your concern.

The Planning Committee is meeting on October 21st and may then take a final decision. If you don’t have time to write your own letter, use the following letter and send it to any or all of the Councillors listed at the bottom of this page.   

Dear Councillor

I am writing to express my strong objection to the planning application submitted by Instro Precision to expand its premises to Manston airport. Instro Precision is a subsidiary of one of Israel’s largest arms companies, Elbit Systems, and Elbit supplies 85% of the drones used by the Israeli army. Last year, these drones were responsible for major war crimes against the people of Gaza. This has been documented by numerous independent experts.

Instro works under another name, but it is the same company. We know from a recent parliamentary question that export licences have been granted to Elbit’s UK subsidiaries for direct use by the Israeli Defence Force1.

I am gravely concerned that a company responsible for war crimes is located in the Thanet area and is now intending to expand its activities. This is not the kind of company we want operating in our local area and it will reflect very badly on Thanet Council if the planning application is approved.

It is perhaps also worth noting the comments made by one of the Councillors at the last planning meeting: she remarked that Instro Precision has been targeted by protestors and may even cause security concerns if the airport does eventually go ahead. There is a nationwide campaign against Elbit Systems and a number of protest groups have indicated their intention to continue targeting this company. It seems very likely that Councillor Rogers’ concerns about security are well founded.

I call on members of the planning committee to reject this application and for all other councillors to raise their concerns about the activities of Instro Precision.

Yrs etc.

And join us on the Demo on the 11th October if you can.


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