Press release: Public talk and film showing


14 May 2015

Public talk and film screening to expose UK and Israel arms industries

The Canterbury public will get a preview of an upcoming report on the UK’s complicity with the Israeli arms industry on May 19th when author David Wearing speaks at an open meeting hosted by East Kent Campaign Against the Arms Trade. David will describe the UK Government’s role in supporting Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people – in particular, by continuing to allow the export of weapons parts to Israel.

The local campaigning group reached the news in February when they occupied the rooftop of an Israeli owned arms company in Broadstairs. They vowed to continue putting pressure on this company and others in East Kent which export weapons parts to Israel – and profit from the action.

The event will also feature a free screening of award-winning documentary The Lab, about how Israel’s high-tech arms sector uses Gaza as a profitable testing ground for the futuristic weapons of tomorrow.

This is what the Israel bureau chief at the US magazine Defence News said after Israel’s onslaught on Gaza last summer:

“For defense industries, this campaign is like drinking a very strong energy drink – it simply gives them tremendous forward momentum”

— Barbara Opall-Rome

Event details

The event will take place in the lounge of Canterbury Christchurch Student Union, 41 St George’s Place, at 7pm. All are welcome to attend.

Contact caatekent [at] for more information


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