PRESS RELEASE – Global Day on Military Spending

PRESS RELEASEpeoples budget

10 April 2015

A People’s Budget: 11th April, 11 a.m. St George’s St, Canterbury

Local people in Canterbury call for government spending to be redirected to vital services and away from weapons and war

To mark the Global Day of Action on Military Spending[i], East Kent Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) and Kent Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) will be holding a People’s Budget in Canterbury on Saturday.

At a time of apparent austerity, the military budget in the UK is the sixth highest in the world: at £38 billion a year, the UK outspends nearly every other country. Germany, with a larger population, spends only £26 billion[ii] annually. Both main political parties are also committed to spending £100 billion on renewing Trident nuclear weapons.

East Kent campaigners will be inviting members of the Canterbury public to decide how they would choose to spend £100 billion. Similar protests will be taking place across the country – including in Bradford, Bristol, Reading, Oxford, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow, Newbiggen by Sea and London.

A spokesperson for CAAT East Kent said “For too long we have been hearing the myth that high military spending is essential for building peace, creating jobs and combating terrorism. It’s a myth that is promoted by governments and the multinational arms companies that benefit from the global arms trade politically and economically.”

For further information contact East Kent CAAT:


Twitter: @caatek

Phone: 07944 823418


[i] April 13th is the Global Day of Action. See for information

[ii] In GBP equivalent (2013). German’s military spending is estimated at €36,739 (


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