Slipping quietly out of Elbit

It looks like Barclays didn’t like all that publicity.


They’d seemed so happy funding Israel’s mighty war machine. And yet, according to the shareholder records, Barclays ‘sold out’ of Elbit in December. All 50,000 shares in Barclays’ name have been disowned, passed on, as if they’d never been there.


They’ve issued no word, no ‘we’re becoming ethical’, no confirmation or denial when we asked them whether selling out meant selling out for good. In fact, they didn’t even issue a denial when we demonstrated after they’d sold out (we didn’t realise it at the time, the slipping out had been so quiet).

Clever, Barclays. Just pretend it never happened, nothing’s changed, there isn’t anything to see.

Except that there still is. A (temporary) pulling out of Elbit Systems doesn’t mean that Barclays Bank has suddenly decided to adhere, at last, to what it says it does:

“The aim is to ensure that defence exports financed by Barclays are not used by foreign authorities either to oppress their own populations or to support unjustified external aggression”
Barclays Statement on the Defence Sector

“We mean what we say about values-led decision making”
Chairman of the Board, Sir David Walker

Really, Barclays??

(Download the image below as a pdf)

Still bankrolling the occupation
Still bankrolling the occupation

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